Friday, May 28, 2010

Sachin's Tweet raises a Crore for Cancer

Sachin has set many records, but this is the first for him to set a new record in social work, but this time he didn't bat against any other countries, he bats against Cancer for his Country(Our Country INDIA)

A unique initiative by Sachin and his wife Anjali Tendulkar, 'Sachin Crusade Against Cancer in Children', became the biggest fundraising event of its kind in the country. By the end of the evening the record stood at Rs. 1.3 crore and counting.

Donations came across the country and in overseas by the website,which he twitted in his twitter.

Dr.Jegannath of the Crusade Against Cancer Foundation said: "Sachin is the most motivating Indian and we are so proud that for the first time in this country, someone has come forward to support a cause like this." And if Tendulkar lends his support for a cause, then it is sure to be a success.

But Sachin said full Credit goes to his Wife Anjali, a Paediatrician and Dr.Jegannath and said "I am very happy to support this cause in any way I can and am determined to continue doing so. I never expected the remarkable response we have received."

Sachin listened most of the Cancer Survivor's stories and said "Listening to these inspiring stories makes me realise that not everyone is as lucky and we should do all we can to help."

Soon after his entry into twitter, he has been tweeting regularly about his initiative to help kids suffering about cancer.He started this corpus"CRUSADE AGAINST CANCER" for kids with cancer who can't afford treatment can be helped by paying for their surgeries and giving them medicines.

He has thanked all the supporters in his twitter by tweeting as Really excited abt 'Crusade against Cancer' dinner tonight.We hv managed to raise over 125 lakhs to help poor kids.Thnx for all ur support.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sachin in Twitter

Here is a happy news for all the Fans of Sachin. Sachin has decided to reveal about him to his Fans and have a communication with Fans by means of Twitter. He has proved that his name is meant only for Records. But this time not in Cricket, its in Twitter.

He joined Twitter in late night of May 4, got more than 80,000 followers on a single day, which was never seen in Twitter History. Sachin got a Warm Welcome from Bollywood Stars also in the Twitter. He made himself verified in twitter by posting below comments and picture

By the way this time its real me. No more wrong info... Good night.....

So don't miss to communicate with the Cricket Legend via Twitter. Here is the link to be his follower

Anjali and Sachin are committed to help children suffering with cancer in their treatment. They have joined hands with Dr. Jagannath for a fund raising effort to create a corpus for ‘Sachin’s Crusade against Cancer in Children’.

They need our support for this noble cause. So lets Join hands with Sachin to give a new lease of life & hope to children afflicted from cancer.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Highest Run Getter in an IPL Edition

Sachin Tendulkar has ended the IPL 3 with 618 runs from 15 matches at an average of 47.53.He scored 5 half centuries in this Edition and he has smashed 86 fours and 3 sixes.

Sachin is the second batsman to get aggregate of 600 plus in an IPL Edition after Shaun Marsh. Marsh scored 616 runs in 2008 from 11 matches at average of 68.44.

After his knock of 48 at the Final he became the leading run getter in an IPL Edition by getting 618 runs by surpassing Marsh's 616 runs.

This shows how well the 37 years young man performing with consistency and he is getting better and better by age. The way he lead the team and the way he performed in IPL 2010 are ample examples of Quality batsmen and good captaincy and the way he led the team to final was amazing. Just consider the team which has just missed the semi final spot in both the seasons was the first team to enter semi that too easily and entered the final in grand way. But catch misses in the final cost them the price otherwise it would have been a well deserved win for Mumbai and Sachin's Captaincy.

He Deserved to be the Orange Cap holder and Golden Player of the Tournament. Let his form continues and bring more victories for Team India

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sachin's Injury and Dhoni's luck made Chennai win Possible

Once again Dhoni is proving his luck worth here for his Chennai Super Kings Team. Chennai was in the league match stage they are almost to lose the game against Mumbai but sudden dehydration from Sachin made him to retire and then the Chennai turned the match in favour of them. Though Sachin came back but couldn't do much as required run rate was gone far above and he was got out too trying to hit. If Mumbai had won that Match Chennai wouldn't have even come to semi final. Though they played well in their last match against Punjab in a must win game, if Mumbai had won this game, it would have been only their consolation win and would have ended their journey in league stage itself. this shows the sign of Dhoni's luck.

Let's discuss how his luck turned around yesterday for their win. It was in the semi finals that Sachin was injured trying to catch Rahul Dravid in the first slip. And he left the field immediately and as got five stitches in his hand.

And it was a brave decision from Sachin and made his availabilty in the team and never want to let his team down by his absence in the Important Final game because as we all know Sachin's presence itself is a great moral support for the team. I think Dhoni's luck only would have made Sachin to such an injury. He has got sitches in his right hand and its difficult to even hold the bat and stitches generally have to remove after a week only and its difficult to move the hands with stiches. But Sachin bravely came to he field and played a superb knock of 45 ball 48 with that split webbing injury. If Sachin would have been without injury it might have been a minimum of 45 ball 75 from Sachin and it would have been a win for Mumbai.

Even Chennai in their knock of 168 had two lucks, both was a missed catch for Raina. If that catch have been caught Chennai would have suffered even to get 130. Though it was a fielding side mistake, we have to generally consider this as a lucky chance for them.

Just think of this, in both the matches Mumbai lost against Chennai, Sachin was not able to play his full innnings, One due to dehydration and other due to split webbing injury. This shows the luck of Dhoni. Just imagine the above two Factors, with that we can say only one thing that Dhoni is a lucky charm.

But anyway Chennai played really very well and was superior to Mumbai in all the Three Departments. But Mumbai would have won the game if they have holded any of the two catches of Raina.This shows how much luck Dhoni has and the thing that Sachin doesnot had.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Sachin

Let this birthday bring you good health and the peace of mind you required. Let all your wishes become true and enjoy your happiness throughout the life. There are many ups and downs in your life but its a general thing happening in every human life. But you are the man who converted all the Downs into Ups and made your career steady and been Role Model for many of them.

Sachin made us all one thing clear. That he doesnt make or create records for him or for critics on him. He says he enjoys the game and so he is playing it, and the records were coming because of my enjoyment in play. He says he doesnt beleive in records and just he is enjoying the game and loving to play it.

"Sachin insisited that 2007 WorldCup failure really hurted Indian team a lot as a lot was expected on us to perform. But we just came out in the League Stage. He said it really hurted me badly and from that onwards i worked more on my game and started practising rigorously even when i was not playing matches".
That practice and determination may be the reason for this Little Masters great form of now.

He atlast clearly insisted one thing and his desire that has not happened still now in his career time and waiting for that to happen it in 2011.
Yes its None other than" getting WorldCup for India".

Its not far away for Team India bcoz they are in such a form. So let we all hope together and pray for this Birthday Baby to have his desire come true.

If it happens it has a great Features in it. India winning worldcup in Indian soil. I think there is nothing bigger than that as we needed as an Indian.

There are some talks that Sachin wish to Retire from his Cricket life after winning World Cup for India, that too has some great coincidence with his life.
* If India getting WorldCup in 2011, Cup will be got in Mumbai as final was held in Mumbai, home soil of Sachin.
* Getting Worldcup in front of Home crowd is such a happy thing for any player.
* Retiring in front of Home crowd with World cup is such a great pleasure.
* If Surely India winning the cup then no doubt about the Man of the Series, as that too will belong to sachin only.
* Retiring with Man of the Match and Man of the Series of such a tournament is something a dream coming true for any batsmen. Sachin has already got the man of the series but that time India has not won the trophy. so he will be aiming for that one surely this time.

So let we pray to god for all his desires coming true and let him lead a peaceful and healthy life throughout his life time

So get ready to book a ticket for 2011 world cup final to get the Treat of sachin and watch the Farewell Party of Sachin which you could have never seen to any player having such a party.

Sachin will be having a great Farewell than any other players in an unimaginary manner, thats for sure, but let we hope him to celebrate farewell after getting WorldCup. It doesn't mean that Sachin have to retire after WorldCup, He too is a human being and have played great Cricket for more than 20 years, so let him be bonded with his family in his next part of life

My Hearty Birthday wishes Sachin.

I will be with you in whatever decision you take and very happy to be a Fan of such a great Gentleman.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rarest Photos of the God of Cricket

Sachin Childhood Photos

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, the most famous cricketer ever was born on April 24, 1973 in Mumbai. Still two more days to go for his 37th Birthday, let we thank two persons for bringing Sachin to us. His parents for yielding such a child to our Mother country and his coach Achrekar who moulded him and helped him in his early career. And never forgot his family, his wife and children who are still now supporting for his career

Sachin With His Father Ramesh Tendulkar

Sachin And Kambli During Practice

His childhood idol in sport is John McEnroe, and this early photo reveals his interest in tennis.

Sachin During InterSchool Match

Sachin With Ajit Ranade

Match Against Don Bosco

Coach Achrekar And Sachin

sachin's century during interschool matches

Sachin At the Age Of 12

Guyles Shield Winning team

sachin holding palm beach cup

sandip patil giving prize to Sachin

Sachin With Sports Star Trophy

1987 Sports Star Trophy Winning Team

1987, Place : Baroda , Under 17 Team for Mumbai

Sachin, at the end of 2nd day of Harris Shield finals scored Unbeaten 286 Runs

Harris Sheild Finals

Star Cricket club's England Tour

Sachin The Youngest Player to Score Ranji Century

Sachin With Dilip Vengsarkar in the middle

Sachin And Kambli Knocks 664 runs

Sachin Tendulkar & Vinod Kambli's World Record Partnership Of Unbeaten 664 Runs During InterSchool Match Playing for Shardashram School

Sachin Tendulkar's first ever tv interview back in 1989

Young Tendulkar Batting

Tendulkar with School team

Tendulkar with childhood friends

Sachin Tendulkar, 16, is selected for India's tour of Pakistan

Fun & Info @

Young Sachin Bowling

Young Sachin in Coat

He adds a century on home soil against England in Madras(now Chennai), and celebrates in style