Monday, April 26, 2010

Sachin's Injury and Dhoni's luck made Chennai win Possible

Once again Dhoni is proving his luck worth here for his Chennai Super Kings Team. Chennai was in the league match stage they are almost to lose the game against Mumbai but sudden dehydration from Sachin made him to retire and then the Chennai turned the match in favour of them. Though Sachin came back but couldn't do much as required run rate was gone far above and he was got out too trying to hit. If Mumbai had won that Match Chennai wouldn't have even come to semi final. Though they played well in their last match against Punjab in a must win game, if Mumbai had won this game, it would have been only their consolation win and would have ended their journey in league stage itself. this shows the sign of Dhoni's luck.

Let's discuss how his luck turned around yesterday for their win. It was in the semi finals that Sachin was injured trying to catch Rahul Dravid in the first slip. And he left the field immediately and as got five stitches in his hand.

And it was a brave decision from Sachin and made his availabilty in the team and never want to let his team down by his absence in the Important Final game because as we all know Sachin's presence itself is a great moral support for the team. I think Dhoni's luck only would have made Sachin to such an injury. He has got sitches in his right hand and its difficult to even hold the bat and stitches generally have to remove after a week only and its difficult to move the hands with stiches. But Sachin bravely came to he field and played a superb knock of 45 ball 48 with that split webbing injury. If Sachin would have been without injury it might have been a minimum of 45 ball 75 from Sachin and it would have been a win for Mumbai.

Even Chennai in their knock of 168 had two lucks, both was a missed catch for Raina. If that catch have been caught Chennai would have suffered even to get 130. Though it was a fielding side mistake, we have to generally consider this as a lucky chance for them.

Just think of this, in both the matches Mumbai lost against Chennai, Sachin was not able to play his full innnings, One due to dehydration and other due to split webbing injury. This shows the luck of Dhoni. Just imagine the above two Factors, with that we can say only one thing that Dhoni is a lucky charm.

But anyway Chennai played really very well and was superior to Mumbai in all the Three Departments. But Mumbai would have won the game if they have holded any of the two catches of Raina.This shows how much luck Dhoni has and the thing that Sachin doesnot had.

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