Friday, May 28, 2010

Sachin's Tweet raises a Crore for Cancer

Sachin has set many records, but this is the first for him to set a new record in social work, but this time he didn't bat against any other countries, he bats against Cancer for his Country(Our Country INDIA)

A unique initiative by Sachin and his wife Anjali Tendulkar, 'Sachin Crusade Against Cancer in Children', became the biggest fundraising event of its kind in the country. By the end of the evening the record stood at Rs. 1.3 crore and counting.

Donations came across the country and in overseas by the website,which he twitted in his twitter.

Dr.Jegannath of the Crusade Against Cancer Foundation said: "Sachin is the most motivating Indian and we are so proud that for the first time in this country, someone has come forward to support a cause like this." And if Tendulkar lends his support for a cause, then it is sure to be a success.

But Sachin said full Credit goes to his Wife Anjali, a Paediatrician and Dr.Jegannath and said "I am very happy to support this cause in any way I can and am determined to continue doing so. I never expected the remarkable response we have received."

Sachin listened most of the Cancer Survivor's stories and said "Listening to these inspiring stories makes me realise that not everyone is as lucky and we should do all we can to help."

Soon after his entry into twitter, he has been tweeting regularly about his initiative to help kids suffering about cancer.He started this corpus"CRUSADE AGAINST CANCER" for kids with cancer who can't afford treatment can be helped by paying for their surgeries and giving them medicines.

He has thanked all the supporters in his twitter by tweeting as Really excited abt 'Crusade against Cancer' dinner tonight.We hv managed to raise over 125 lakhs to help poor kids.Thnx for all ur support.

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